Equality Law & Business

Although there is some awareness of the UK Equality Act 2010, many business owners are unaware of their obligations. One of the most problematic areas of equality law is the accommodation of the needs of disabled people.

The Equality Act 2010 is not an easy document to understand but businesses need to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for people that it protects. Adjustments must be made not only for employees but for anyone that needs to use any facility or service that the business provides. It is not just about obvious measures such as ramps or lifts, but consideration of other ‘invisible’ disabilities such as sensory impairment (blindness, partial sight hearing loss etc.), specific learning difficulties and other forms of impairment that may affect how someone accesses services that you provide.

Very often, changes that are made to accommodate disabled customers and visitors to a business will bring benefit to other users as well. For example, if a ramp is installed to assist wheelchair users or other mobility impaired people, it will make life so much easier for delivery drivers, parents with pushchairs or buggies, and elderly people as well.

At Iolis, we have specific experience of disability access and adjustments that need to be made to accommodate people that are protected under the Equality Act 2010. We also have experience of understanding the application of law to ensure that service providers and businesses are meeting the needs of their users and customers.

Complying with equality law doesn’t always mean spending lots of money and can bring real benefit to a business that ensures that everyone can access their services.

Families that have one or more disabled people spend over £200 billion each year in the UK and there are over 13 million disabled people. That is a lot of potential business for those companies that choose to accommodate disabled people.

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